Petr KLOSKO - Development and implementation of software

Petr KLOSKO - Development and implementation of software, Network Administration

Software development. Comprehensive solution websites. Content Optimization, SEO, validation.Network Administration, design and implementation of LAN, WAN. Placing your ad on any of my web projects. Links exchange.

  Latest completed projects :

In our shop on Main Street in Český Těšín we offer a wide selection of jewellery, watches, costume jewellery and gift items. In addition to the sale of goods, we also offer production, mostly wedding rings and christening clocks.
January 2014 - Project:
Moving the site to a new server and domain, deploy and adjust CMS
Status: Active
April 2012 - Project:
Online teploměr a termograf
Outdoor and internal temperature are measured in Prague 8 by the ASUS router over the 1-Wire bus connected three DS18B20 thermometers. Two of thermometer is located outside the window and measures the outdoor temperature (tOUT1 and tOUT2), the third measures the temperature of the room (tIN).
Status: Active - gifts for pleasure. Printing T-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts. Printing mugs, plates, pillows, towels. Embroidery on shirts, towels, caps. Print calendars, puzzles, posters, greeting cards. Also, you can design your own stamp or original printing CD / DVD.
March 2012 - Project:
March 2012 - the site has moved to a new, more powerful server. At the same time structure has been optimized, has been added new products and features. It also has been improved printing designer and graphic of site.
Status: Active