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Petr KLOSKO - Development and implementation of software, Network Administration
Development and implementation of software. Network Administration. Webdesign. A comprehensive solution of your websites. Content optimalisation, SEO, SEM.
References, Projects. Digest and description of completed projects.
Projects - AMOS Poland Sp. z o.o.
New graphics and structure of pages + continuous updates.
Projects - AXIO Kodak Expressy - comfort way to buy souvenirs from Prague. Here you can buy Posters with wiew of nicest places of Prague, Puzzles, Books, Guides, Maps, Mugs with pictures of Prague, Shirts, DVDs and many more ...
Photography and video wedding performed by our professionals for many years and thanks to our experience you will have a perfect memory for your big day. Transfer photos to us wedding ends all your worries with the organization of photos, but photo printing, etc.
Photography and video wedding performed by our professionals for many years and thanks to our experience you will have a perfect memory for your big day. Transfer photos to us wedding ends all your worries with the organization of photos, but photo printing, etc.
Our professional photographers annually take pictures of schools and nurseries. As a bonus we provide all children school tags for marking boxes, etc. We also produce a stamp of children with whom it is possible to indicate the books, but also clothing, etc.
Our professional photographers take children pictures in well-equipped photo.
Pads of many designs and sizes of your printed photographs, logos, texts, horseplay, etc.
We print pillows supplied photographs, photomontage, text, etc. is making the normal period within 3 working. days.
Do not desire a notice like everyone else - production, the desire and taste of its own photos.
Wish to print, notification, PF, etc. for several types of photographic paper
Print business cards is performed on several types, including photographic materials etc. Business cards we print in full-color, and especially fast, cheaply and efficiently.
The Modico stamps are the latest technology, which may include photos, logos and text and may be even more colorful. We also stamp the propisce, so you have a stamp on me constantly. Do not hesitate to replace their old stamps for new, better, more representative
Print table and wall calendars in different formats from your photos. Just choose from the many ready-graphic patterns and colors. Our photographers will also be pictures in the photo and then use the photos for the calendar.
Best puzzle with most colors - these are our photos produced without the use of technology labelers. Puzzle produce directly from the photographs of the minilab which nalepíme on cardboard and cut into individual segments.
Photoclocks are a great decoration of each room. The photo is always constantly on the eyes when you look what time it is. Choose from our wide range of hours round the square.
Printing CD / DVD media provide the robot, which of course burn the contents of CD / DVD. Request Therefore always both print CD / DVD, but also burn them - it gives you the best price because the CD / DVD robot passes only once. Printing of CD is not normally resistant to blur water - if such a requirement you will need to pay special waterproof media.
Print photobooks first-class quality. It appears that your current photo and meet a lot of information that are no photo frames and captions movc just ordinary? We agree. Fotokniha printed on photographic and tied up in the right skin to deliver what is your experience relevant presentation.
Printed cups and half a liter of many colors and sizez. Photos, logos, titles - all can be printed on the cups, saucers, bowls, tiles, etc.
Photography for all types of certificates and documents. Make all types of photos on the card. We know and we can shoot and print photos for all.
We take regular winter and spring photography school, photography class on the tabla, etc. Our professional photographers you agree with the preferred option of photos and photo gifts and date of photography.
Print business cards on the matt coated paper, glossy fotopapír special papers of different models (bark, stone, etc.). Possibility of bilateral business cards and business cards with rounded corners. Your cards will be produced in 24h.
We make the original calendar from your photos and we put your photos on different photo gifts, we print photos on T-shirt and other textiles, cups and photo magnets. Images can be also inserted into the wall hours, on label of bottles.
English sites
Projects - AXIO Kodak Expressy -
Projects - AXIO Kodak Expressy -
Web prezentation of network of Kodak expresses in Prague. On-line orders of printing T-shirts, business cards, etc..
Projects - AXIO s.r.o.
English sites
Site of advertising agency. We ad metro, buses and trams, or in the form of billboards.
Projects - AXIO s.r.o. -
Projects - s.r.o.
March 2012 - the site has moved to a new, more powerful server. At the same time structure has been optimized, has been added new products and features. It also has been improved printing designer and graphic of site.
After the change of domain ownership, which took place in May 2009, was on this site in cooperation with Artfocus company launched e-shop The e-shop, you can create and buy different gifts with your pictures - calendars, puzzles, baseball caps and hats, bowls and plates and many many gifts and wishes. Also, you can design your own stamp or original print CD / DVD.
Projects - Ing. Radek Luka
Projects - Klenotnictví DIADÉM
Moving the site to a new server and domain, deploy and adjust CMS
Web sites offering goods and services with the possibility of on-line orders of christening clocks.
Deployment of Information System InventuraSUITE for creation and subsequent inventory control and warehousing.
Projects - KOKOŘ s.r.o.
New design. CMS deployment
Projects - KOKOŘ s.r.o. -
Projects - Mgr. Radka Skopcová
Babies equipment rental service. To every mother as her baby for everything, but do not want to spend, store, difficult to sell things that are just for a moment? Rent it with us!
Projects - Miloslav Vaňous
Welcome to a world where technologies become part of your home. Our technology MagicHome is ready to become a part of your home!
Projects - Miloslav Vaňous -
Projects - Pekařství Markol
Webová prezentace rodinnéno pekařství.
Projects - Petr KLÓSKO
Outdoor and internal temperature are measured in Prague 8 by the ASUS router over the 1-Wire bus connected three DS18B20 thermometers. Two of thermometer is located outside the window and measures the outdoor temperature (tOUT1 and tOUT2), the third measures the temperature of the room (tIN).
On-line generator of ITN files used for creation of itineraries for TomTom navigation.
Projects - Technická laboratoř protipožárních zařízení
The site will be published course dates and training. The course participants will also find available materials and documents to download.
Useful links from different areas. Linux in particular, administration, etc.
Contacts. Address, e-mail, phone No.
Glos, insights and knowledge gained in creating Web sites, network administration, etc. Simple instructions. Information, which for various reasons do not fit into the context of my existing websites.
Series of pictures from May to November 2018 shot on ILFORD XP2 400 black-and-white film with a Vilia camera re-cast on a pinhole.
Series of pictures from December 2017 to May 2018 shot on ILFORD XP2 400 black-and-white film with a Vilia camera re-cast on a pinhole.
Black and white photo papers placed in the pinhole cameras, suitable location and year or more on the sun. Its a recipe for solargraphy.
A series of photographs taken with the double exposure technique.
Redscale photo gallery taken during the holidays. The camera is Vilia pinhole, film KODAK 200
Gallery of photos taken with pinhole camera Vilia between May and July 2016 for photo film KODAK 200, this time mainly in Prague and Giant Mountains.
Gallery of images, which were created by the Redscale technique.
I decided to try another photographic technique - shooting on the instant film for this year's Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day
Gallery of images, which were created by the solargraphy technique during autumn and winter
Debian Security Information and Recent Advisories Twitter account was founded - @debian_dsa
After a very long time I got to deploy an upgrade to TomTom ITN Generator. - comfort way to buy souvenirs from Prague.
Hey there! I'm using Twitter. Twitter is a free service that lets you keep in touch with people through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing? Join today to start receiving my updates.
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Label: Flashnews. Messages and short on information about new sites and projects.
Label: Projects. Information about projects - news, changes and adjustments.
Label: web. Web development, optimization. Information on the development of web projects.
Label: security.
Label: Gallery.
Label: Pinhole Camera.
Label: Solargraphy.
Label: Solarigrafia.
Label: Photo.
Label: WPPD.
Label: Redscale.
Label: Double exposure.
Label: Galerie.
Label: Foto.
Label: Volný čas.
Label: dvojexpozice.
Label: KODAK.
Label: FOMA.
Label: ILFORD.
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